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How do I make a website? + marketing for beginners

How do I make a website? + marketing for beginners

How do I make a website? + marketing for beginners

CWC - Custom web design - Brisbane | | 2014-11-26

Ok, you've had a website designed by a professional web designer or web design business.

But getting your website seen and getting decent traffic to your website is another thing altogether.
You can create a professional, good looking website, that has all the trimmings, but that alone isn't good enough.
You have to get people to want to buy your products, visit your site, get leads, so you can make a profitable business.
First, you have to add your website to Google or Bing, so that the search engines know your website is there.

Custom Web Creations adds your website to Google and Bing when we design your website, so there is no need for you to do it, it is included in all our packages as standard.

You can find out if your website is known to Google by typing in - site:[add your domain here] into the Google search bar.  If it doesn't come up your website will not be found.

But that's just the first step.

The second step is making sure your text and image content is SEO(Search Engine Optimization) optimized.  Read my article about content writing.
Just because you have submitted your site does not mean you will get people flocking to your site in the thousands.  SEO and Google rankings take time.  Up to 8 + months in fact. You are probably thinking, well what's the point in doing all this, I want visitors now!  The point is, 90% of the ways to get your potential lead or customer to buy your product or service or visit your site instantly, involves cost and paid advertising.
When you set up your website for SEO, in 12 months time you will be getting free traffic, and in hindsight, this is more important than paid advertising.  It can cost over $1000 per month to get 800 people to visit your website through such places as Google and Bing Ads.  Now imagine how much money it is going to save you 12 months down the track when you have over a thousand people visiting your website a month for free.
So now you have set up your website to be found on Google, and you have optimized your text and images for SEO the next step is marketing.


Marketing involves researching keywords, targeting of specific groups of people (eg. age, sex, locations, interests etc), and collecting marketing data. 
There are a few ways to advertise, I'll list them below:


Facebook (When you create a business page, you'll be given the option of advertising)
Bing and Google Adwords
Gumtree AU and Gumtree InternationalLocanto AU
Yellow Pages
And numerous others (just type in "best advertising websites" in Google search)


Facebook groups(when you are on Facebook just type in advertising in the search bar and then when the new page comes up click on the group's tab up top)
Google and Bing Business(great for local business!)
Yellow Pages
Some are free and some are paid.  But they will get traffic to your website straight away.
Marketing involves trial and error.  If your marketing strategy isn't working, try a different target market or try different keywords.  There are also two types of buyers, buyers that are willing to purchase straight away or buyers that are just browsing and may be in the beginnings of searching for what they want.  You can either target either one by using certain keywords or target markets or target both.  Research, research, and more research.  The more you put into marketing the more you get out.
This blog will give you a good starting point, it is by no means a complete guide but will get you on your way to a profitable business

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Get your website or business on Google and Bing Business
Want extra exposure? Google or Bing business is free, and it's one of the first steps you should take to getting your business online. Millions of people search Google and Bing everyday. It also adds your business to Google maps. How many times have you used Google maps and local businesses have showed up? Get your customers to review your business on your Google business page and it will increase your exposure.

Go to Google Business
Go to Bing Business

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Free Advertising

Need some great advertising platforms, these free business listings will help drive traffic to your business and your website. They are established and reputable advertising business's and will enhance your business's online growth.

Yellow Pages
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