5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Page

creating a homepage for your website tips (2)

It’s common knowledge that your website works like a digital version of your store. The internet is becoming the go-to place for consumers to research services and products they need. And, just like your physical storefront, having a great home page can help you make the right impression and pull in interested customers.

No matter what industry your business is in, whether it’s in sales, law, fashion – or anything in between – having a beautifully made and easy to navigate home page is essential to create more customers.

That said, putting together an enticing welcome page for your customers is not always straightforward. There are many different crucial elements and design options you need to decide on, not to mention finding a web development company that fits your budget.

In this article, we’ll give you a few tips on creating the perfect home page for your website.

The Importance of User Experience

Although having an attractive site is important, you need to focus on delivering the best user experience to your visitors. Remember that having an intuitive page will help users navigate your website and find the information they need quickly.

A great way to test the site’s usability is to try it out yourself and encourage your team to do the same. This will help you verify that all the features work and will push your team to proactively come up with suggestions to improve your page.


creating a homepage for your website tips (2)

How to Create an Awesome Home Page for Your Site

Launching a website is not a one-time task. You need to constantly monitor your site’s performance to identify areas of improvement. Not only this but regularly updating your site will help maintain its fresh look and reliable security standards.

Show Off Your Brand

The first thing you have to ensure is that you create a memorable impression. Your site should showcase your brand and products in a way that encourages your customers to come back to shop again.

Make sure your company name or logo is featured somewhere close to the top and that they are clearly visible. That way, customers will immediately associate your company and products to the experience they have on your site.  Also, make sure that the topic of your business or what you provide is displayed as soon as possible on the homepage.

Choose the Right Colour and Contrast Scheme

There are different areas that make up a home page. You can combine your company’s signature tones with white spaces to create a good contrast. Not only will it give your site a classy look, but your content will be easier to read and digest. Use warm colours and plenty of white space. A great website colour scheme involves the use of combining no more than three colours.  Create call to action buttons and important elements with bold colours that stand out.

Go for a Simple Design and Attractive Imagery

Although there are billions of people that use the internet daily, most folks prefer simple website designs with a limited number of options. Your home page should feature a simple design with attractive imagery that encourages visitors to explore other parts of your site.

Using professionally created images of your business or products is better than using stock images purchased from a stock image supplier, but using stock images is also fine if you don’t have the option of using your own images as long as they are relevant to your business, products, and services, and blend in with your website design.


creating a homepage for your website tips (2)

Website Fast Loading Times

More than 60% of consumers are willing to wait 5 seconds or less for a page to load. For this reason, it’s extremely important to deliver a home page that loads quickly. Besides staying on the page longer, visitors will be willing to cut you some slack if some parts of your site don’t load as fast. Read my article on optimising website loading times.

Deliver High-Quality Content

While this may sound cliche, there is no better way to delight customers than by delivering high-quality content. Make sure that the text, videos, and other elements of your site are all well-structured and error-free.

Delivering high-quality content helps improve your reputation while persuading visitors to continue exploring your site until they find the information they need.  Writing relevant niche content and giving the reader an answer to their question is a good start.  Readers appreciate information that is supplied for free and will remember your website or business brand in the future.  Read my article on content writing and content marketing here.

Find the Right Website Designers for Your Project

There are many different aspects you need to take into consideration when creating a great home page. Having a visually attractive site is important, but focusing on usability and speed will create a memorable experience for all your visitors.

Remember that finding the right digital website agency can improve your chances of developing a great home page. You need to focus on finding a firm that understands your requirements and works with you to bring your vision to life.

At Custom Web Creations, we live and breathe stunning web designs and all things digital. We’re proud to assist with websites for online stores & e-commerce, business cards/logos/graphic designs, as well as digital and content marketing that captures your visitor’s attention.

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