How to Write a Persuasive “About Us” Page That Attracts Customers to Your Business

how to write an about us page website design

How to Write a Persuasive “About Us” Page

By Susan Greene – Website copywriter & Freelance content writer

Your “About Us” page is an opportunity to tell visitors why they should do business with you.
Wondering what to say on your “About Us” page? You’re not alone. Many business owners in the U.S. and Australia say that’s the one page that they can’t seem to get right.

They don’t want to sound like they’re bragging. But if they just give a straightforward presentation of the facts and figures, their “About Us” page will put visitors to sleep. Fortunately, with a little thought, you can probably find the middle ground.

Describe How Your Company Is Unique

The “About Us” page is the place to differentiate your company from your competitors. What makes your business special? Start with the experience you bring to the table.

State when and where you founded the business and, more importantly, why you founded it. What need did you set out to fill? What was missing in the marketplace that required a solution like yours? What problem does your business solve?

Run through your company’s history and talk about your values. What’s important to you? Describe your capabilities and give your credentials. Demonstrate how you are especially qualified to provide the service or product you offer.

There may be plenty of other companies selling goods and services like yours. Your “About Us” page reveals how you’re different and persuades the prospect into doing business with you versus your competitor.

Be Conversational

A visitor to your website wants to know there’s a real human behind this online business. In fact, that’s why he sought out your “About Us” page. He wants to get to know you. So don’t write like you’re creating an encyclopedia entry. It’s too impersonal.


how to write an about us page website designDescribe your business in a friendly, conversational tone, as if meeting the visitor in person.


Instead, be yourself. Write as though you’re chatting with a mate you just met at the pub. Be conversational. Of course, feel free to speak with passion about your company’s mission. And, if appropriate for your business or industry, let your personality shine through. You can still appear professional while being informal and friendly.

Some people think that the “About Us” page should it be written as though an objective third-party is delivering the information. But that can sound stiff and boring.

You don’t want your “About Us” page to read like a term paper. So go ahead, use first person (I) or first-person plural (we), depending on which is more appropriate for your situation.

As you write, keep this objective in mind: You want the visitor to know you, trust you and do business with you.

Where to Begin

For many people, starting their “About Us” page is the biggest challenge. If only they could get it started, they’re certain they could compose the rest. When composing your first draft, give yourself permission to start in the middle or even the end.  Eventually, you’ll figure out the best way to begin.

Consider taking a creative approach. Provide an interesting fact – maybe a statistic or industry fact – that is hard to believe but true.

Tell an amusing story, such as how you founded your business or that time you accomplished a significant goal and realized your business was a success.


how to write an about us page website designFeel free to be creative in your “About Us.” There are no rules, so go for it!


You can also ask a question, getting the reader involved in your write-up. Or describe a plot twist, as in how your business began as X but then evolved into Y.

If you take a creative approach to begin your “About Us” page, you’ll engage your visitors and keep their interest as they read your company’s story.

What’s Important to the Reader

As you write the “About Us” page, ask yourself what the reader or visitor most wants to know about you. What is likely to be important to them?

Try to think back to conversations you’ve had with someone you’ve just met such as at a cocktail party or networking event. What questions did they ask you? What seemed to pique their interest? What stories did you tell? You always want to write copy with the reader in mind.

Say It with Pictures

An About Us page shouldn’t be all copy. The pictures should help tell your story. If you have a manufacturing plant, include a photo of you in the plant next to impressive machinery.

If you’re a baker, let’s see you in your apron and baker’s hat, mixing up the batter.

If you’re a professional who spends most of your time at a desk, then take a photo of you at your desk. The visitor wants to see you in your work environment, whatever it may be.


how to write an about us page website designFor a photo that draws people in, look right at the camera and smile.


If you’re a husband-wife team running a business, let’s see a photo of you both. And if you’re a large company, you may want to include a group photo of your employees.

Your photos don’t need to be professionally taken studio portraits. They do need to be clear and well lit. But even today’s Smartphone’s can usually capture a sharp image that’s of sufficient quality.

The goal isn’t to win a photography contest; it’s to show visitors who you are so they can feel comfortable doing business with you.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

Too many business owners never get around to publishing their “About Us” page because they feel it’s not good enough. They’re so consumed with making it perfect that they’re never satisfied with how it sounds.

Here’s an important tip:

Something is better than nothing.  So publish your “About Us” page even if it’s not perfect. You can treat it as a work-in-progress and continue tweaking it until you’re satisfied.


Even if your “About Us” page still feels a little “off,” publish it. Get it up on your site where it can begin working for you. It’s not doing you any good sitting in your files.

Revisit it in a week or two to see if you can tweak it. You can even ask your employees or friends to weigh in with their suggestions. Your “About Us” page can be a work in progress, steadily improving and evolving along with your business.


how to write an about us page website designYour “About Us” page can be a work in progress, one that’s continually improving.

how to write an about us page website design

Susan Greene is a website copywriter in Orlando, Florida who writes “About Us” pages for all types of businesses throughout the U.S., Europe and Australia.

She offers more information on the subject here or you can learn more about her copywriting services at her website,

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