The best business directories in Australia

best business directorys in australia

Best local business directories in Australia

When you think about business directories, you straight away think of things like Yellow pages, or the White pages.  These days the online world has made it possible to list your business on thousands of business directories around Australia and the world.  This opens up the door to endless possibilities, marketing opportunities, and business branding exposure.

Business directories offer your business a chance to grow, exposing your business to thousands of curious eyes that are scanning over web pages 24 hours a day.

How many times have you searched for a product or service on Google?  What about business listings?  Being part of this local exposure and search is essential for any business, whether they are just starting out, or are already established.  Its an excellent way for your business to start out, as most of the local business listings are free.

It’s a low-cost way of building your brand.

If you have a website, you can add your web address to these business directories.  This is called “backlinking” and is great for search engine optimisation of a website.  You see Google loves it when your website link pops up on these reputable business listings.  It tells Google that your business is legitimate and not spammy or scammy.

This, in turn, will increase your rankings on search engines.  You keep Google happy and follow its rules, it will make you happy.


business directories australia


How to search for the best business directories in Australia?

If you search for the best business directories in Australia into Goole or any other major search engine, you’ll be presented with hundreds of business directory lists. Some of these lists will have scammy or business listings that have low reputations and can hurt your business’s online profile. The list we have provided is scanned monthly for trustworthiness and scams.  Not only that these business directories are the real thing and have reputations as being the most sought after Australian business directories.  Be careful when submitting your website to business directories online.

I’m a search engine optimisation expert and I know all of Google secrets.  It takes time, and your website won’t be on the first page of Google overnight, but it will happen.  Adding your website to reputable online business and service directories will increase your backlinks and therefore make Google happy.

Doing this will satisfy only one of Google’s requirements in boosting your business’s website and business branding higher on Google search results.  But there are a few ways to boost your rankings.  Read my article on content marketing to find out more ways you can help your business. Adding your website link to as many business directories, social media pages, business profiles, and so forth the better.



A word of warning though, don’t go adding and signing up to any and every business directory out there.  If you add your website address or associate your business to scammy or spammy websites, Google will associate your business with these websites and your ranking won’t be as high as what they could be.  You will be penalised.

When you add your business information into a business directory, add a few keyword phrases into the information that you supply.  Keyword phrases are simply searched terms that you would use in Google to find your particular product or service. An example could be for my business which is web design.  Eg: “Web design business in Brisbane”.

Before you begin though, make sure you have your business information at hand. In most cases you’ll need this basic information:

  • Business name
  • Business phone number
  • Business email
  • Business website address
  • Business description(try to adding variants of the same information, and not have all the business information the same on every listing)
  • Business address
  • Social media links
  • Business logo
  • Business ABN
  • Business office hours
  • Login Username and password

Here is my pick for the best local business directories in Australia (updated 2019)

Why adding your business to the best business directories in Australia is going to help.

Local business directories in Australia help with increasing your website, business, and services online presence.  They also help with establishing your business online.  Google searches the internet for instances of your business and the more references to your business it can find online, then the more it considers your business to be viable and not fake.  Adding your business to local free business directories in Australia is a trade secret of search engine optimisation specialists and is one of the hundreds of tactics we use to boost search engine rankings.

Establishing your business online is much like word of mouth, one of the most powerful marketing mediums on the planet. people research businesses before making a decision through online reviews, the information they see online and other research tools.  Online business reviews are also important as they boost social proof which will increase your online sales.  Read my article on why online business reviews are important for your business.  Most of the business directories in Australia have the ability for your customers to leave online reviews.

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