The News Media Bargaining Code – What is it & what it means for Australians

The News Media Bargaining Code - What is it & what it means for Australians

There is a new Australian law being proposed in which major news businesses will have an unfair advantage in coming up first in Google search results.

Google bases search rankings of websites based on the quality of content on their websites, this ensures when you search for a particular product, service, or information, Google displays the most relevant information according to your search.

Google search rankings algorithm is based on three major ranking factors these include relevance, quality, and the website’s authority.  Businesses spend big money and a lot of time on creating and building their website’s authority and providing quality information and content.

This new law would also diminish some SEO businesses ‘ efforts to increase their client’s website search engine rankings, giving major new outlets an unfair advantage over smaller businesses that are privately owned.

googles open letter to australians
Googles open letter to Australians about the News Media Bargaining Code

The News Media Bargaining Code

This law(News media bargaining code) will undermine these privately owned businesses and undercut their efforts to give you the best information you are searching for.

Ths give major new outlets and unfair advantage as Google’s prime initiative is to make search results fair by providing a competitive platform for businesses, services, and online stores to grow in.  This is called the free market.

google search page
Google search page

The law also allows your privacy to be infringed by allowing these big corporate businesses to gather information about your searches, where normally this information is privately stored on Googles servers and is only accessed by government authorities through court orders for use in criminal matters or when the information is needed for essential purposes.

This new law is under proposal and should not be passed. Stay tuned to Google’s  main search page for updates,

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