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Web Designer Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast

Its affordable web design, online stores and business branding for Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast & the Gold Coast.

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Business Web Design

Our web design company builds websites for small, medium or large businesses. Through clean, state of the art techniques and user-centered design, we create stunning websites that strike out at the viewer.  They have easy navigation, so the user doesn’t get frustrated, yet they are functional.

Custom Web Creations uses experience, expert training, and professional website templates that focus on the businesses unique identity and ensure a smooth user experience.

In our designs, we place key elements that have been researched through 20+ years of experimentation that increase user interaction, which in turn increases revenue and business to client relationships.

web designer brisbane gold coast sunshine coast

Key web design elements

By placing elements in strategic parts of each page we can guide the user to other places of the website, to important aspects of the website, so they can be guided into making a decision about a purchase, fill out an email form, phone your business or read on to other pages.

We use attractive pricing boxes or affirmative call to actions.  It’s truly is affordable, professional website design. Our website designer Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & the Gold Coast will tailor a website solution that best fits your businesses goals using tried and tested techniques.

web design colours colors pallete

Stunning web design

Colours are what sets a boring website apart from an exciting, engaging website.  Through years of graphic design training and experimentation, we can be proud to say that our colour schemes are the best.  We have traversed the galaxy of design and come up with thousands of appealing colour schemes that fit exactly into your business unique identity.

You want a website that strikes out at the user, entices them, sets a mood and eventually leads to them interacting with your website.  Our website designers in Brisbane are expertly trained in how users scan websites and we use themes that draw their attention and guide them in making a decision.

ecommerce online stores brisbane gold coast sunshine coast

eCommerce & Online stores

eCommerce and online stores are a growing industry, open your business up to the online world with this thriving industry.  Have your very own online store where you can sell your products through our seamless payment gateways using Paypal, Stripe, Afterpay, Zip Pay, and many more,  create coupons and vouchers, add your products easily, unlimited products, see our eCommerce services page for more details.

Our seamless payment integration allows your customers to experience an easy painless checkout, with one-page checkouts, and multiple payment options.  Our online stores use state of the art technology to give your business and your customers the best possible experience online today.

mobile responsive web design

Mobile responsive web design

Mobile responsive web design is the process of creating a website that adapts to any given device that it is being viewed on.  Obviously, devices such as tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers have different sized displays, this in turns needs a website that will look fabulous on any device.

This also gives the user a great first impression and shows that your business is modern and up to date.  Also, Google prefers websites that are mobile responsive, so your website will show up more in search results.  It’s website design at its best.

website security ssl brisbane sunshine coast

Data protection & safety

All of the websites we create have SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology.  This means that all information that is sent through your website, such as customer inquiries through online contact forms is secure from data theft and hackers.  Your entire website is also safe from theft and hackers through our internal firewall security which all of our websites has built in.  So, rest assured your website is safe.

Google also prefers websites with SSL and this will also increase the chances of your website of coming up in search results.  As of the end of April 2018, Google will serve all non-SSL websites with an error page.

seo content marketing brisbane gold coast sunshine coast

Search engine optimisation

As with all websites, it can take some time to get the website established on the internet without some kind of paid advertising.  This process is called marketing.  But there is also a cheaper and more of a long-term solution to getting your website getting thousands of viewers per month, and that is search engine optimisation.

All of our websites are SEO optimized, they have a great base to start off with because the “engine” of the website is already optimised, then the marketing aspects that take place afterward are quicker with the results, and it takes less time to get the reward at the end.

wordpress content management system

A complete CMS

A CMS or content management system is just a fancy description for an administration system. It’s easy to use, you can add, edit or delete blog posts, see website statistics such as how many users have visited your website, add galleries, videos, and images and much more.

The CMS is built on WordPress, one of the most widely used and trusted website building platforms on the market today, so you can be assured of error-free and clean, modern usability.  We only use the best CMS for our web design agency.

blogs blogging brisbane gold coast sunshine coast


Blogging is a great way to interact with your viewers and customers.  You can share the latest news about what going on in your business, give out free valuable information, create promotions, add videos, images, galleries and much more.  They also increase your website traffic over time and contribute to a good solid content marketing campaign.

They significantly increase the number of viewers through text content and your viewers will appreciate the information and share your posts across social media platforms, thereby increasing your business online exposure.

Other features

  • Online booking system
  • Online contact forms
  • Google maps
  • Live chat
  • Mail Chimp
  • Social media feeds
  • Blogs
  • Creative image sliders
  • Like and share social media buttons
  • Diagrams and graphs
  • Pop ups
  • And much more!
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