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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System or CMS for short. It is the administration’s area for over 35% of all websites, online stores, and blogs that have been built or over 75000000 websites and counting. You can find more WordPress statistics here & here.

WordPress began its journey way back in 2003 and has since become the most used website builder on the internet. WordPress is built on the backbone of some of the most talented web development specialists on the planet. 

Its powerful and versatile features make it a number one choice for over 75% of web design companies here in Australia.

WordPress has more documentation online than any other web builder on the internet.  It has millions of web designers and developers updating the platform, adding plugins, fixing security issues and much more.

Making it the most sought after web builder on the internet.  Its powerful features and sophisticated functionality make it the most impressive solution for small and large business alike.

At Custom Web Creations we only use the best, because your business deserves only the best.  We deliver 100% satisfaction in our WordPress web design, SEO and Website security services, giving you a web design business you can count on.

Why do we use WordPress as a website builder?

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Wordpress is Stable

Stable. The stability of WordPress comes from over 16 years of redevelopment, updates and security enhancements from its 100000 strong development base.  From over 16 years of constant development and more stable releases comes a website platform that boasts virtually error free web design and eCommerce building.

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Wordpress is Secure

Secure. WordPress is one of the most secure website builders in the world, with regular stable releases being released every 6 months or so. This means that if your website is built on WordPress, website security will have a strong base. Your business information, customer’s information and other information that hackers try to steal will be harder if not virtually impossible to access.

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Wordpress is Versatile

Versatile. WordPress is adaptable. With over 1000000 plugins, extensions and added functionality, it is the most versatile website builder in the world. This means that you can add virtually any functionality to a website run with WordPress. Websites built with WordPress are expandable for your businesses growing needs.

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Wordpress is SEO Optimised

SEO ( search engine optimisation) friendly. SEO is the process of getting a website to show up more in search results. This leads to higher lead generation and users interacting with your website, such as making a purchase or filling out an online quote form. WordPress has built-in SEO functionality, its core design is based on optimised detail for search engines. It also has SEO plugins that are used by millions. This makes websites created with WordPress better for the SEO process.

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Wordpress is Customisable

Customisable. WordPress has millions of customised themes and templates to choose from. Most of these themes are created by some of the most talented web designers on the planet, with emphasis on modern design, fast loading, and secure websites. It can also be fully customised from the ground up to give your business website or online store the unique identity it deserves.

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Wordpress is eCommerce

eCommerce. WordPress powers over 30% of all websites, making it the leading website builder. Its powerful online store and eCommerce functionality are second to none. It has state of the art credit card processing facilities, customised product editing features, real-time shipping rates, one-click invoicing and printing slips, real-time statistics, marketing tools and other advanced eCommerce features you would expect from a leading CMS. It combines with WooCommerce to produce the most comprehensive eCommerce solution for small and large businesses.

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Wordpress is Expandable

Expandable. Because WordPress is so stable and versatile, it has the ability to expand with a business’s growth. Some of the most prominent businesses online use WordPress, and it powers websites that have thousands of pages and products with millions of viewers per day.

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Wordpress is for the Blogger

Blogging.  WordPress was built on blogging.  It has since expanded to include full business websites and online stores. Its blogging functionality is easy to use and it is the most widely used blogging platform in the world.  Its features include multi-media compatibility with the ability to add images, videos, maps and any other form of media, categories, tags, and many other blogging features.

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Wordpress is a leading platform

WordPress powers over 30% of all online websites.  Considering the amount of websites and types of website builders online today that is an extremely large marketshare.  In fact it beats all other website builders by a mile.  WordPress has so many core features that out do the competition, its secure, versatile, expandable, stable, SEO optimised, customisable, a powerful eCommerce solution and great for blogging.  Its powerful features make it an all in one solution for any type of website or online store, from one page websites to large corporate websites.

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wordpress web designer brisbane (13)

Wordpress Web Designer Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast

Here at Custom Web Creations, we have spent the last 8 years accumulating knowledge, research, resources, and experience and this enables us to develop high-quality websites using WordPress.

Here are some examples of well-known businesses, brands, and celebrities that use WordPress as a website platform.

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Individual Business Websites through WordPress Web Design

Custom Web Creations Web Design and SEO services Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast deliver high end, quality WordPress web design and SEO services to your business doorstep.  We create and design websites and online stores for your businesses individual identity.  We don’t follow the norm, we follow our experience and let it guide us on what your business needs through stunning web design and eCommerce on the solid backbone of the most powerful website builder on the planet.  Contact us for a quote today.

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