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Its affordable web design, online stores and business branding for Strathpine, Bray Park, Lawnton

web designer Strathpine, Bray Park, Lawnton

Business Web Design

Small and large business web design, online stores and eCommerce, business branding and digital marketing are all concepts that businesses should use as tools for their online presence.

Our web designers take hold of your business’s unique personality and portray it online through our custom made designs.  We create stunning websites that are modern, professional and tailor-made.

graphic designer Strathpine, Bray Park, Lawnton

Key web design elements

Great web design starts with well-researched layouts and design.  We strategically place key web design elements such as images, call to actions, text and so forth so that they have the maximum impact on what your potential clients, customers, and viewers do on your website.

We help them to make a purchase decision, use a contact form or even call your business.  Websites help your business to grow, and they should be treated as a tool for increasing your business’s reach so that your business can succeed online.

web design colours colors pallete Strathpine, Bray Park, Lawnton

Stunning web design

Custom Web Creations uses unique colour palettes to create a mood that holds the viewer’s attention, creating a captivating experience.

First impressions last, by creating professional designs we can leave a longing great first impression on the viewers of your website.  Colours play a major role in determining whether your website will be a success or not.

mobile responsive web design Strathpine, Bray Park, Lawnton

Mobile responsive web design

Mobile responsive web design is the process of creating websites that look great on any device.  A mobile responsive website will rearrange itself according to the width and height of the device it is being viewed on, so all visitors to your website will be able to experience your website anywhere, anytime.

In fact, statistics say that up to 60% of viewers search for your products or services on handheld devices.  Without a website that is mobile responsive, you simply miss out on untold opportunities for your products and services to be seen.

website security ssl Strathpine, Bray Park, Lawnton

Data protection & safety

SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) is incorporated into your website hosting and administration panel, preventing hackers and thieves from intercepting your data, and data that is passed through your website, such as through contact forms and similar elements of the website.

We also install anti-malware and a firewall on your website and hosting so it is protected from malicious login attempts and other hacking mechanisms.

seo content marketing Strathpine, Bray Park, Lawnton

Search engine optimisation

SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) is an essential part of any good web design structure.  As we build a website we incorporate SEO techniques into the website so that your website comes up more often in search results.

We also have ongoing SEO packages that take hold of digital marketing and help your website to establish itself into the online world.  Increasing search results and ranking on major search engines like Google.

wordpress content management system Strathpine, Bray Park, Lawnton

A complete CMS

Every website we create has a built-in CMS(Content Management System), in other words, an admin area for you create blog articles, modify content on the website, create, edit, and delete products, and much more.  We use WordPress as a CMS, it’s one of the most widely used CMS admin areas used on the web today.

In fact, almost 30% of all websites on the internet today use it.  It’s stable, secure, and is maintained by some of the most top ranking web designers and developers in the world.

blogs blogging Strathpine, Bray Park, Lawnton


Custom Web Creations highly recommends adding blogs to a website. Why? Because they enable you to interact with your website visitors and potential customers and clients.  They enable you to discuss topics that are relevant to your business.  Not only that but they also dramatically increase your website’s traffic through content marketing.

All the websites we create have a blog built in so you can give your viewers something to read about your business, such as the latest news, industry news, and much more.

Other features

  • Online booking system
  • Online contact forms
  • Google maps
  • Live chat
  • Mail Chimp
  • Social media feeds
  • Blogs
  • Creative image sliders
  • Like and share social media buttons
  • Diagrams and graphs
  • Pop ups
  • And much more!
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