Part Time CFO – Accountant Services

Part Time CFO – Accountants Services Brisbane

Part-Time CFO is an accounting services business located in Brisbane. They provide accounting services for small to medium businesses.

This website was created for SEO (search engine optimised). SEO increases the website’s search visibility on major search engines. For targeted keyword search terms, the website is on the first page of Google, increasing leads and user interaction with the business and the website.

The website also has built-in email marketing abilities including MailChimp sign up and subscription forms. This is great for sending our mass emails to emails that have been gathered through the MailChimp sign up forms.

Other key elements in the design are easy navigation, image sliders, social media page integration, and an appropriate colour scheme. All of these elements combine to create an effective small business website with easily accessible call to action buttons for increased user interaction.

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